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    Guard IT Solutions has grown to become a leading brand of online data backup, antivirus protection and vulnerability assessment services for the Cypriot market.

    Guard IT Solutions is founded by a group of IT professionals who specialise in cloud computing, virtualisation, datacentre environments, high end communications and backup technologies.

  • Our Skills

    Online Backup
    Vipre AntiVirus
    Vulnerability Assessment
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Guard IT Solutions is the leading provider of information and security technology services.

    Author's imageDemos AntoniouManaging Director - Guard IT Solutions
  • We provide safe & security to your business

    We aim to be the best in our business segments

Our Core Values

    • Our Vision

      To provide our clients protection, security and continuous access to their online data, utilising the latest proven technologies, and to remain market leader offering a global leader solution

    • Our Mission

      Our mission is to provide specialist online data backup storage for our clients excelling in the fields of security, reliability and customer service. We endeavour to remain at the forefront of world-class online data backup systems to ensure peace of mind and sound protection of our clients’ data assets.

    • Guard IT Team

      Our team is proud to work with reputable clients from Cyprus largest and most reputable organisations and within various levels of government.

    • Two-Way Trust

      Trust is a two-way street. Our customers trust us with their most private data, and we in turn trust that they use our products as intended. No questions asked.

    • Break The Rules

      Some rules need to be broken because the context in which they were created is no longer relevant, and that is when you have an opportunity.

    • Be True & Open

      Because trust is built on honesty and openness, we don’t tiptoe around issues when it comes to people’s data. We face them head-on, for better or worse.

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