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Guard IT Data recovery solutions

For any and every type of data loss trouble, Recover Data is the solution for you. Our data recovery service ensure:

  • Restoration of data even after hard disk formatting

  • Data recovery after partition re-creation

  • Resurgence after data deletion due to pressing Shift+Del

  • Recovery of data emptied accidentally from Recycle Bin

  • Data restoration even after software failure and hardware malfunction

  • Data resurgence after the occurrence of disk corruptness

  • Recovery of data corrupted after power jitters

  • Restoration of data damaged due to fatal virus attacks and infectious trojans

  • The recovery of deleted/damaged doc files, video files, photos or image files, MP3 and other music files, email files etc

Whatever is the cause, think of us and get brilliant data recovery solutions!

With Guard IT Data Recovery Software Labs you don’t need to worry about your budget and worse, about upsetting your budget. Our service is low priced that won’t make you feels bad after using our services. Also, the result that you will receive will be so much satisfying that you will feel the worth of our service, of course no data no pay!

Guard IT Professional Recovery service

Guard IT data recovery service retrieves lost or deleted files saved in hard drive or USB storage media devices. Our services provide easiest methodology to recover deleted files without any risks.

 ic2NTFS Data Recovery service request

Recover deleted files, folders from NTFS partition disk drive

ic3 FAT Data Recovery service request

Computer data recovery software rescue data lost due to formats partition error and logical errors from hdd drives partitioned with FAT file system. Guard IT data recovery program retrieve deleted files.

ic4 Digital Camera Data Recovery request

Guard IT data recovery undeletes erased and removed jpg jpeg gif pictures, clips from digital camera storage media.

 ic5Digital Photo Data Recovery request

Guard IT recovery service to recover lost, erased digital photo snap from formatted hard disk and removable media drives.

 ic6Memory Card Data Recovery request

Guard IT data recovery utility retrieves lost missing deleted picture files and folders from memory card flash media easily undelete files and recovers data with simplified flash drive recovery process.

ic7USB Drive Data Recovery request

Guard IT USB data recovery service unerase and unformat lost deleted audio video clips files from logically crashed USB storage device.

 ic8USB Digital Media Data Recovery request

Guard IT Professional data recovery services designed for USB digital media recover files lost and formatted disk data including images, mp3 songs, video clip from USB storage media.

 icon14iPod Data Recovery request

Guard IT data recovery from iPod media rescue deleted and missing audio songs video files folders from iPod digital music player.

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